The Accuracy of Starrymaps Custom Star Maps

When you choose Starrymaps, you're not just choosing a beautiful representation of the night sky, you are selecting a product grounded in astronomical precision and scientific integrity. Here's what sets our star maps apart in terms of accuracy:

Precision in Every Star: The Accuracy of Starrymaps Night Sky Prints

  1. Thousands of Stars, Precisely Plotted: We meticulously map out thousands of stars, ensuring that what you see is an accurate portrayal of the night sky for any date and location you choose.
  2. Renowned Astronomical Data: Our commitment to accuracy is underpinned by the use of Yale's Bright Star Catalog. This esteemed source provides us with detailed information about the coordinates and brightness of each known star, ensuring that every point of light on your map is where it should be.
  3. Expert Constellation Mapping: For the constellation lines, our maps draw upon the expertise in Donald Menzel’s A Field Guide to the Stars and Planets. This ensures that the constellations are not just artistically represented but are also astronomically accurate.
  4. Deep Sky Objects with Precision: We include Deep Sky Objects like nebulas and galaxies, labeled with information sourced from the Messier Catalog and the New General Catalog. This addition brings a layer of depth and accuracy to your star map, showcasing the universe's grandeur beyond our galaxy.
  5. Validated by Stellarium Comparisons: Our maps undergo rigorous checks against open-source software like Stellarium, a testament to our dedication to delivering not just beauty, but accuracy.

Starrymaps prints are a confluence of art and science. They are not just decorative pieces but accurate representations of the cosmos. With every map we create, we offer you a chance to own a piece of the universe, depicted with scientific precision and elegance.

Experience the night sky with unparalleled accuracy — a perfect blend of astronomy and artistry, tailored just for you.

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