Hello there!

We’re Yasser & Rana, a software engineer and a creative director living in Dublin, Ireland. Having lived here for over a decade, we miss seeing the sky. It rains almost all year here! And so we set out to make our own skies :) Our technical and creative backgrounds helped us create what you see, beautifully illustrated custom maps which show how the sky looks on any night of the year, from any location you wish. The science behind it was derived from astronomical mathematics references (e.g. Astronomical Algorithms). You can check the accuracy of our maps by comparing it to popular astronomy software such as Stellarium.

About our Downloadable Maps & Prints

We inspect every map individually once you place your order to make sure it is up to our standards. Our prints are made on museum quality 200gsm paper, which is used by museums such as The Tate in London. If you are not happy with the quality of your map, talk to us, we’ll make it right.

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